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pre-Euro money

Pre-Euro money worth £10 Billion still unclaimed

Check your drawers. Pre-euro money worth a staggering £10 Million pounds is out there somewhere, and can still be redeemed for cash ...

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valuable banknotes

Top-5 Most Valuable Banknotes

What are the most valuable banknotes we exchange here at Leftover Currency? Here is the top-5 most valuable banknotes, based on the value you receive when you exchange them...

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1000 mark Reichsbanknote 1910

What is the value of a 1000 Mark Reichsbanknote from 1910?

On several occasions customers have asked about the value of their 1000 Mark Reichsbanknote dated 21 April 1910, issued in Berlin. Is it exchangeable at all? And is it worth over £300 pounds? Let us explain ...

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Obsolete old Turkish Lira 1970-2004

I have a Bir milyon Turkish lira banknote. Am I a Millionaire?

Many customers have contacted us at Leftover Currency to ask about their old Turkish Lira banknotes and coins. What are they worth, if anything? In this blog post you will learn more about the value of your old currency from Turkey...

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